Protection  Dreamcatcher
Protection  Dreamcatcher
Protection  Dreamcatcher
Protection  Dreamcatcher

Protection Dreamcatcher

This is a special line of dreamcatchers that were created with a specific energy and intention. The intention of this black beauty is protection for both day and night. 

Black tourmaline chips (known particularly for thier protective quality) fill the weave. A high quality sterling silver charm imprinted with the word "protection" hangs from the center. Do you feel a particular need for protection during the day? The charm can be removed and added to a chain to be worn around your neck.  Black sari silk is the final touch to this simple yet powerful dreamcatcher. 


This dreamcatcher comes to you handmade with love, detail and high quality components.  From the natural willow ring found and formed in Montana, to gemstone beads and sari silk, this is a look that is sure to inspire for years to come. 


Willow diameter: 4" in diameter

String length: Feathers hang up to 24" from willow


This is ready to ship!  All orders are shipped within 1-3 business days by priority mail with tracking.


This is not a toy and is intended for decorative purposes only.  I make all of my items as sturdy as possible, but dreamcatchers are delicate in nature.  Please keep out of the reach of children.  Hanging directly over a child's bed or baby crib is not recommended due to the risk of injury.

Photos by Dreamkeepers